3 Siècles de Pianos

Edizioni Osiride 2003

Obtained the Mazzotti Prize in 2004. Available in French and English.

Mon bien cher Oncle – Correspondance between Pierre & Sébastien Erard

Editions Minkoff 2006 – 3 volumes

« My dear Uncle », this is how Pierre Erard (1794-1855) addressed his parent Sébastien Erard (1752-1831) from London.

This correspondance offers a precious chronology of the Erard family and manufacture from 1685 to 1855. Hundreds of letters in chronological order and annotations. Only in French.

How Chopin Played

Edition Alain & Luce Roudier 2016 (First edition Edith J. Hipkins 1937)

Hipkins (1826 – 1903) began his career when he joined Broadwood as a tuner at the age of fourteen in 1840. He was therefore 22 when Chopin arrived in London in April 1848. Throughout his stay in England, Chopin only wanted pianos tuned by Hipkins. He thus had the rare privilege of regularly approaching Chopin and hearing him play. He will also become a confirmed pianist who is said to have played Chopin in a remarkable way. He was one of the first to devote recitals solely to this composer. Alongside his work at Broadwood, where he remained all his life, his work on strings and acoustics made him a key figure in the world of the 19th century piano.

All of his notes taken during his meetings with Chopin do not seem to have seen the light of day until his daughter, Edith Hipkins (painter, 1854 – 1945) published them under the title How Chopin Played. His testimony is more important today than ever.

Bilingual edition in French and English.

The History of the Erard Piano and Harp in Letters and Documents, 1785 – 1959

Cambridge University Press 2015. 2 volumes

Available in English.

Review by Rohan Stewart-Macdonald in Music and Letters Volume 97, Number 4, November 2016, pp. 653-655.

Pleyel au temps de Frédéric Chopin

Edizioni del Museo 1999

Available in French.

Sébastien Erard ou la rencontre avec le pianoforte

Editions Ville de Luxueil 1993

In French

Sébastien Erard : l’aventure du pianoforte

Editions Musée des Beaux Arts de Besançon 1995

In French

Histoires de pianos

Editions A.R.E.P. 1990

In French